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Fake Hotel

by Dave Walker

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released February 8, 2016


all rights reserved



Dave Walker VIC, Australia

Dave Walker made his first record in 1998 and has been churning them out ever since. Variety of styles and a whole range of different musicians.

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Track Name: Take Me As I Am

Capo 4: G | D | Em | C

Bass: B | F# | G#m | E

You’ve got to build the walls before you break them down but your
D Em C
habits are holding strong and the light is fading slowly on the shiny
quiet street, it’s yellow and it’s down

A pale imitation, like that smile you shared with the guy at the station and he thought you touched your hair and thought about you there and I said…

Take me as I am or don’t take me at all

So you held your ground when the moon was high and you felt the ceiling change and your stories had more meaning when you heard the heavens calling, You gotta write them down

You can be a man at 20 or a boy at 35
Sit on the hill for a while watch the moon go down and take a little time
Track Name: Which Way Do You Wanna Run?
Which Way Do You Wanna Run (Walker)

D to D/B through the verse groove

You take your bread on a Sunday, it’s a wonder you don’t choke
On the other six days when you drink a cup of hypocrisy.
Sitting in the same spot, singing all the same words

When you seek what you’re told to find, you will get what you deserve
You gotta spend time on the mirror man, to get your paradise in the sun,
Times for the taking, beds are for faking, which way do you wanna run?

Your intent ain’t no good at all when your back’s up against a cold stone wall and every word feels like it’s turned until you just lie down and say nothing at all.

These lessons are so profound they pick me up, they drop me down, almost help me to put away the faces of the unforgivers, the metaphor readers, the bottom feeders, the five dollar Sunday givers, filling up their spiritual parking meters.
Track Name: Sailor's Tattoo
Capo 4th

Verses: Em variations (Em7/Em6) to a Cmaj9

She’s thinking no
He’s saying yes
Money shaker with the whiskey breath

Two dead lovers washed to sea
She got the worst of him
He took the best of me
The pills are gone the blinds are down
She knows the sun but she don’t know how

She don’t know how

G G/F# Am
She walked in the room like a sailor’s tattoo,
Slowly fading, lines have blurred from black into blue
G G/F# Am
There ain’t nothing she wouldn’t do when she closed the door,
C D Em
It is one it is all you will get what you asked for

Hollow smile, take the show
The love runs out when the hour goes
She dies a little every night
One more time to pay off all the lines
Leaves at dawn, she got no more,
drains the bottle curls up on the floor
Track Name: Fisherman
(D Walker/M Stanley/G Hunt/J Edgar/R Melville)

INT: C | C(add G#) | F | G (similar for chorus)

C Em Am G C
The bottom of a coffee cup, is a good time to stop
Em Am G
And question all that’s been over this long year

You know that I went way down and I nearly drowned

In a sea of wine and bitter tears

I was your fisherman and you waited for me, in our shack by the sea
And the children cried and wondered why you were so sad
(And I never came home)

The start of a cigarette is a good time to forget,
why my pen ran out and when the music stopped
And I put it all on you, reflected what I knew,
To be my own failings
Bide my time while I’m sailing
Track Name: Darken My Door
Darken My Door (D Walker/G Hunt/M McNeilly)

Intro: Am | C | G

G D Am
Time shows that the deadliest foe will meet us in the grey still afternoon, a change is coming soon.
Look under rocks and peek behind trees, a falling star is waiting on the phone, I’ll find my way
back home

I’ll follow you there I’ll follow you down, I’ll chase you to the edge of
town, I’m sorry that I ever
called you friend.

Clattering tractors and dirty old sheds, through the window’s my unmade bed,
what’s he done and where’s my family gone?
He sits in bitterness and drinks in shame, it’s easier to find someone to blame,
when you’re a million miles away.

I’ll follow you there I’ll follow you down, I’ll chase you to the edge of town,
I’m sorry that I ever called you friend.
I’ll follow you up, I’ll follow you back, all you’ve done you can’t take back
and you’ll never darken my front door again.

He fell asleep on the couch one night I put a beer in one hand,
a lit cigarette in the other – one life for another.
I went along to the cemetery, tried my best to look contrary
but I smiled, ‘cos I watched him die.
Track Name: Free Road
FREE ROAD (Walker)
Intro: C | Dm | Em | F | G

(Single note rundown - G, F, E, D)

C Dm
Throw me down this jar of clay
G C C/B Am
And drain this quart of blood I borrowed for today
Dm G
Tomorrow's only just a thought, yesterday's a hidden word
So you do your thing and I'll do mine
Despite what you say
F C C/B Am
I'll roll down that free free road 
There’s no one to blame

And I think I'll head back home, to that place I haven't been to for so long,
Where the pavement turns to dirt, memories are burned

Then I'll walk those empty halls, where the highway melts and fades into the shore
And the people turn to light, and say goodbye, to all they know 
then they'll all line up for the show.
Track Name: Smoke and Mirrors
(D Walker/G Young/M Smith)

They moved to the coast about five years ago,
set up in a shack set back from the road.

He was a junkie spat out by St Kilda,
She was a dancer who waltzed her matilda

And they had a baby who was plagued by their vices,
A baby that came to pay the price for them, their lot, the cost of neglect,
That child was an albatross hung about their neck.
Salt in the blood, life grows thinner
He makes the smoke, she breaks the mirror.

Sound of the waves from over the road, she don’t like the feel of sand between her toes.
He stays at home cos he can’t leave the green that grows in the place where the neighbours can’t see.
The days are all screaming and yelling and anger, the nights are all TV, bourbon, pills and ganja
That poor child is crying remembering soul
He just ignores her, she’s passed out cold
Sleep without dreams
Days are no clearer
He makes the smoke, she breaks the mirror.

[Middle Section in D, finishes on a Bb over D]

Early next morning the baby awakes
Crawls through the mess and into the day
Moves through the lounge room where they’re fast asleep
Wisp of a memory, voice from the deep
Heads out the door to the crashing of waves into a peace that they can’t take away

She said, she was my angel I’m not to blame
I loved her so much now she’s gone away

Summertime white
Hot road shimmer
He makes the smoke and she’s just another generation that don’t get any nearer 
He makes the smoke, she breaks the mirror
Track Name: Fake Hotel
Fake Hotel (Walker)

Dropped D tuning.

It’s a living from what you get, it’s a life from what you give, so I’m told
It’s the way you walk your talk and the crosses on your slate when you get old
F# E D
I’m so tired of moving air in this fake hotel

We grind our nose and hide away, shadows of your buildings hide the poor
These cards and cars and cabarets are calling all the lepers to the door

I’m so tired of moving air in this fake hotel
He walks in circles down a tired moon
Whispers in brands to an empty room
There’s only one review, lights are turning blue

Controlling minds they keep us dry, holes to fill, like falling to embrace
Defended in a paper spell, watching walls they hide the open place
Track Name: Consort or the Queen

Two days of radio silence and it’s eerily quiet

I take comfort in the blissfulness of my ignorance

We had a brief encounter, a step back melodrama

That resolved itself in a kind and gentle way,

or maybe it was just because there was nothing left to say.


I still feel, a thousand miles away from you

Although it’s only five minutes in an automobile

I’m quivering with freedom, but the moment keeps on leaving

like remembering a dream in the morning.
I tried to walk away from all that we have made
I tried to make something out of nothing
And I can’t say I’ve failed, even though it looks that way

We ran before we crawled and we walked before we cried

And I wouldn’t have wanted it to happen any other way
And I’m carrying the burden of my own expectation
I’m holding these three wounded hearts in my hands and
It’s all I’ve got to show that I took the time to understand

There’s something I gotta ask you and I hope that you’ll come clean -

I won’t paint you into a corner when you’re working on being serene

Will you be my consort or will you be my queen?
Track Name: Take Me Home
Take Me Home (D Walker/M Iles)

Verse: F# | C# | G#m
Pre Chorus: B | G#m

Capo 4th fret

D A Em
Never fall like cane when the money's out
D A Em
Waiting for the tune
D A Em
Your eyes will say what your mouth can't speak
D A Em
When you're reaching for the news
G Em
Help me now
G Em
Help me make it right
G Em
Read the lines 
G Em
Then you let them out
While you watch them fading slowly

Take Me Home
Like the slow ball and chain on the midday show
Take Me Home
I know you're there but I won't ever go

You turned off the lights when the door was closed
The only thing to do
You came right back to let me know
The signs were far and few
Track Name: When You Stop Moving
When You Stop Moving
(D Walker/M Stanley/G Hunt/J Edgar/R Melville)

He had a life in bed, shutters closed the mind saw red

Living on sugar and rock and roll

He never answered the phone, too many memories shattered and gone

Waiting for a dawn that forgot to come

In a long lost life, he had it all on the edge of a knife, taking the high road to the sun

Now the smiles and candles are gone
And the things he loved are disconnected, if only he’d said
Tomorrow’s just the today you were worried about yesterday and when you stop moving, you’re a stone

An ill wind came to the door, back in the spring of 94,
took the wine and the women, forgot about the song.

And I was holding a space, in a scavenger’s parade. And when you stop moving, you’re a stone.
Track Name: Cannonball Creek
Cannonball Creek (D Walker/M Iles)

In E

Take me down the nine mile road
Over cannonball creek
Where the Gypsies live the real life and the locals are the freaks.

1: Did you see what happened there?
2: Under the bridge down there
3: There be a murder down there
4: She was floating face down

Take me down the nine mile road,
Through the pouring rain
You’re the one who found her and you’re the one they blame
Take me down the nine mile road
Bury me in the drain
You’re the one who found her and you’re the one they frame

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