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released September 18, 2003

Recorded at Trueform Studios 2003 by Francis Cleary, Mixed by Francis Cleary, Mastered by Martin Pullan at Edensound. Dave Walker: vocals, guitars, bass, mandolin, banjo, piano – Mark Smith: lap steel, guitars – Peter McDonald: drums – Paul Winterbine: backing vocals – Andy Baylor: fiddle Mike Andrews: piano – Dylan Walker: backing vocals.


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Dave Walker VIC, Australia

Dave Walker made his first record in 1998 and has been churning them out ever since. Variety of styles and a whole range of different musicians.

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Track Name: Inner City Life
Sunday morning's the quiet time, the neighbours like the sound you never like. It's time for a second chance, Moonee Valley's worth a glance, we could watch it out the window, we'll bet and we'll lose, like we always do
We're living close to Phil and the madman on the hill and the kids who steal the change from my car. I buy my beer from down the road and the drinks were never quite as cold as the guy who gave me change without a word, like he always did
Inner city life is never quite so nice when you start to think that everyone's stopped living. Between the lying and the theft, the people who are left they are pariahs in a yellow tear-stained sky. And I just wonder why
We don't try to understand, we just block our ears and curse the man and turn up the music again. It's time to move behind the noise, I'll give you an answer when I find my voice, just walk upon the earth a bit more slowly, like you always should
Track Name: Andy
The first time I saw Andy, he was propping up the bar at Dan O'Connell in Carlton. I knew him from his poster and then I saw him on stage a bit later on that night
Singing songs of love and life and loneliness and happiness and
Andy likes you to know what's on his mind, he sings the things that happen every day
The next day in a groovy way he was having a punt with the kids on Brunswick Street. They all sat cross legged, spellbound by his voice and the way his eyes look to the left
Then an old friend asked me if he was orange or green, I said it shouldn't matter mate.
Track Name: Devil & The God Tree
Polly's of the tired land, a sea of broken bones, her hands are of the working type as lived in as her clothes.
She gets her water from the well, up beyond the bridge. The creek ran dry a year ago, when superstition did.
And she stopped beneath the Devil and the God Tree, to think about the things she never could be
Heartache's never one to stop, when hardship is around. Her husband died before the crops, her children moved to town.
She picks her way along the path, the dappled light refrains. Shadows dance along the ground but the darkness still invades
The bucket's never quite as dry, when the evening comes. She calls her name into the well to hear another voice. The nights are spent beside the fire just feeling for the warmth. A question sits upon her lips, sad and lonely words
Track Name: Help Me Fly
What has gone has been, the wind will know, what you feel for me when I breathe your name real slow, a desert island in a deep blue sky, you're giving me the world and you're gonna help me fly, help me fly
When I think your face, calm is mine, with the tranquil hue of your peaceful eye, from a tiny piece of me and a little bit of something that passed me by, pass me by what I searched for I have found in you, there was time enough to seek the truth
Down the corridors and through all time, I am yours now and you are mine, your are mine
Track Name: Ballad of an Old Bank Robber
I tried so hard to forget about life, I guess you probably did so as well
The last time I saw you it was thirty years ago, that's thirty years of time I couldn't sell.
But the years have a way of catching up on you, like the law never could, so we kept ourselves free but my life I could see, was never gonna do me any good.
Hello my friend, where you been? Gee it's good to see you again. Hello my friend, where did you go? You were hiding for so long. I've been running all these years, I've been crying all these tears, hello my friend, where you been? Gee it's good to see you again.
I often wonder about what went through our minds, so young and prepared to take our chances. We were hard up for cash & we knew about the stash & we filled our heads with fanciful romances.
We were never even followed, we'll never turn those pounds into dollars, while the threat of a prison sentence hangs in the wind and they talk about the ones that got away
Of all the things that we did, I can say I never raised my gun up in anger. And with all of the things that I thought I never knew, the only people hurt were me and you.
I'd like to change my name back to my own and I'd like to take the time to get to know someone, but there's not much of this tired life that's left, just old cash and a mountain of regret.
Track Name: Sharehouse
I can see the table for the first time in a week, bottles and cans piled up high They cloud my vision and drain my motivation like smoke that settles in my eye.
Of all the things we said that we would do, I can't recall a thing we did, but you'll keep on talking and I'll keep on dreaming and time will stand still again.
You wait in turn for your syllables and metaphors, but I'll give the news No fresh words today, no fresh words today, I don't want your point of view
We live in abject squalor and if I had a dollar, I'd spend it on something new, I'd put it up there on the shelf, far apart from nothing else and wait until it gave up too. The elements of time and space conspire once again it seems, to send us right back to sleep
A fog descends upon us all, the blossoms by the windows fall and the birds fly into the blue.
We justify our timelessness with solid words of loneliness but we only seem to fool ourselves. In the end there's nothing done except navigate the hopeless ones and burn our words for fuel.
Track Name: Laundromat
I'm sitting in a Laundromat smoking roll your owns. I used to pity those who bummed out here, wondered what went wrong at home, now I know
My house ain't my home, my television head has blown, I'm failing, crash atmosphere
I'm caught in this crying cage and I can't work it out. Are you over me now, or do you have doubt. I think I know.
Track Name: Mr Singh
Time in my life, why I'm here I can't quite remember
Trying to get home when he came along, that was all, that was all she wrote
If drinking is why and drinking is noble, can you tell me what happens when drinking is all, Mr Singh?
Late night ride, the money's gone I couldn't walk Where I'd been a feel for the road, I could not say, cause I could not talk
I told him I left home for the wintertime and a man can be told way too much. Mr Singh
Going four floors high with a song of lament
I told him once and I told him twice that my money was spent
So I asked him for credit, he said 'no way'
He said I heard that line before today
Track Name: Embezzling Joe
Embezzling Joe, the revenue man, runs through the hills as fast as he can. Will anyone remember him, no one can tell, they buried him where he fell, they buried him where he fell.

There won't be a tombstone, no one to mourn, no kith or kin to remember he was born, just his tired old wife, in a caravan, she's laughing at the death of the revenue man, laughing at the death of her man.

They swept a new broom through the government house, embezzling joe he kept lots for himself. Twenty years of taking from people with none, he got no gold watch no daughter no son, no watch, no daughter, no son

He poured his whole life into making people sad, his taxing and a stealing, the revenue man. His woman and his shame had driven him to drink his life was nothing, he died like a thief, he died just like a thief.
Track Name: On My Side
Every morning about eight o'clock, she's out walking off the sufferance of reason. She lays a kiss on my dried out lips, I need water from the longest night of drinking
I won't settle for myself, I won't let on what I felt Because I'm sailing on a sea of tired harmony and feeling like time is on my side.
I can't think about nothing else, except a cigarette and a cup of coffee,
Where did it fall this grace I used to hold, my sense of being conspired to desert me
And the simple things will never ever stop, while the rain falls on the faded roof with little smiles across the room.
When she returns, my memories are burned and I make the call to show her how I'm feeling. She shakes her head and she kicks me out of bed and I know that she's thinking like forgiveness.
Track Name: Travelling Song
He was in the basement, looking for a travelling song, she was down at the grocery store chasing up her youth
She said I could have been should have been more at home, I can't leave now but I need to grow and he said
This is the song that I've been looking for, this is the song that'll sort me out
He was at the bus stop chasing up his travelling song, the 2.47 was taking him the long way home, he said the city's a myth, books are a joke, every second person is ready to explode, time is wasting so am I, bright light city gonna give it a try.
Living in the basement, looking for a travelling song.
Track Name: Wrong Side of the Tracks
I only go there once a year if I really must, there's something about the nouveau rich I'll never ever trust, I see a lot of tractors, but I don't see a farm, label junkie looks like she will never keep me warm.
I'm livin' on the wrong side of the tracks, I'm standing on the right side of the river, she blew me a kiss and now she wants it back I'm living on the wrong side of the tracks.
Driving down Hoddle Street, past the MCG, a neon-clad bikini girl looks down and smiles at me, it's a great place for a village where the river's upside down, over the bridge, up the hill, that's where my baby's gone
A little bit like Sydney, a bit like LA, lipo lady smiled at me in a most peculiar way, seems I missed my chance when I catch my baby's eye, steps up with a business card, she's a lawyer's wife.

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